Besides providing our own programs, RM desires to provide passionate, Scripture-rooted speakers for your event, camp, retreat, conference, or gathering. RM will come alongside you to seek the Holy Spirit’s direction in how to best partner with you and provide a timely message for the people God has put under your shepherding care. Here is our current list of speakers:


Founder and President, Rooted Ministries As founder of Rooted Ministries, Amy took a leap of faith in continuing her calling with the Lord.  After spending years in full time ministry with YouthFront and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, she obediently moved into the next phase of her ministry to equip others, as God has equipped her, to live abundant lives rooted in the things of the LORD. Attending Missouri Baptist University and Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary encouraged Amy’s solid foundation in the things of the LORD, but extensive travel and living in Israel opened her heart and eyes to the Jewish people and to the purpose and culture of our Savior’s roots.  Her direct, no-excuse approach to Gods’ Word resonates with her audience in a powerful way, as she instructs, encourages, and empowers everyone to dig into Scripture and to put down roots in the LORD. In a world full of sound bites and mixed media, Amy’s anointing is her ability to grab the believer’s heart, taking them deeper into a relationship with Jesus.  Amy V will take your audience to the next level in discipleship, challenging students and adults alike with intensity and passion.  Her ability to weave everyday life with Jewish history and culture allows Scripture to come alive in a profound and applicable way.  Known for crowd interaction and her down-to-earth style, Amy allows Scripture to radically teach and propel others to know Jesus and the power of His Word.


Board of Directors, Rooted Ministries As a founding Board Member, Ally brings a ton to the ministry in way of leadership and the offering of her giftings. A passionate communicator of the Word of God through the written and spoken word, Ally’s passion for helping others to grasp for themselves the love of our most holy God is inspiring. Her obvious gifting from the Lord as a wordsmith transfers over to her ability to teach with not only conviction and from personal experience, but in a way that inspires and motivates others to pursue after Jesus full on as she does. The greatest love of Ally’s life besides Jesus, is her family of five. As a devoted wife and mother, her heart jumps at the opportunity to help others parent and keep covenant by the leading of the Spirit, according to the living Word of God, and out of an overflow of their own love relationship with Christ. Her speaking style of combining daily life happenings with the deep truths of Scripture allows the new believer to track, while the rooted follower is challenged to go to new depths in their walk. Ally’s God-given creativity is put to work for the Kingdom every week as the Creative Arts and Worship Team Leader for her church. The LORD has used her programming experience planning Sunday services for the past thirteen years to grow her from just being a communicator of God’s truths, to being someone who also knows how to help people truly experience the presence of God for themselves. Ally will truly help usher in the presence of God into your event by who she is in Christ and by her giftings.  

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