flight training discipleship program


Flight Training is an intense, invitation-only discipleship program during the school year for local high school juniors and seniors who want to go deeper in their walk with God and want to life this life to the fullest for the glory of God. Together we strive to become a community of people who passionately follow in the way of Jesus, consistently practice spiritual disciplines, are spiritual leaders on our campuses, intentionally invest in others, walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, dig into our Jewish roots, pursue our individual callings and giftings, and live out true Christian community.
If you are a Junior or Senior in the area or are a parent or youth pastor of a a Junior or Senior in the area who feels this could potentially be a good fit for where you are in your spiritual journey – then feel free to inquire for more information of how you can be a part of this intense discipleship program by filling out the contact form below.  
If you are from out of the Kansas City area, and are interested in meeting with RM staff to help you design your own intense discipleship program please indicate that in your contact form.  

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